Before you move in with your boyfriend, 9 intimate questions to answer

  • Are you really a single man, free from any other commitment or feeling of love?

Living as a couple for the first time is not something to be taken lightly. Before giving yourself to a man it is very important that you find out if he is really single as he says. You can subtly find out from his friends and family. You can also observe his body language.

It’s one thing to go out with your boyfriend, but it’s quite another to have a romantic moment. It’s a healthy desire in any relationship. But what if you have some other kind of love relationship? Open relationship, friends with rights, marriage or you are falling in love with another girl. Don’t be so confident.

  • Do you feel confident enough about your boyfriend to go off and live love with him?

Don’t be a woman who needs a man. Be more observant to see if that man is playing with you. Check if your self-esteem is appropriate or not by simply relying on his promises. When you go to live with your boyfriend the enthusiasm of the first days can be disguised by later problems.

Keep in mind that your happiness depends on deciding for yourself without expecting anything from anyone. If things don’t work out the way you expect, don’t accept to live with a broken heart, learn to be free. Your security in love does not depend on your boyfriend loving you well, but on you loving yourself well.

  • Do you really love him, are you moved by his kisses and do you think about your future with him?

When you really love, you get excited just thinking about your boyfriend. You smile at the thought of him. Spending time together and having fun comes spontaneously. You don’t have to force anything. You miss him when you don’t see him, it makes you jealous to see him with another girl. Plus you feel like you can be yourself.

Before you move in with your boyfriend, think about these things. You can’t expect the first night with a man to be worthwhile if you don’t feel these things. It’s true that in love with a couple it doesn’t have to be all rosy, but when problems arise, they don’t forget about love.

  • Have you talked about a future together, if you want to have children, work or where to live?

Some families start a one-night stand, but many women frustrate their future with an unplanned child. Actually, good things come out of accidents too, but it takes a great deal of resilience. You can’t go live with your boyfriend for a weekend without talking about birth control.

Especially a woman has to be very careful when it comes to getting intimate with a man. Don’t take your intimate life lightly. It is essential that you talk to your boyfriend about a possible pregnancy, how to divide up the tasks if you live together and especially how you are going to manage a household.

  • Does going to live with your boyfriend feel like you want to see him every day?

It is important that you reflect that if you are united until now, it is frivolity or a feeling of true love. What is true love like? Both know each other in their good and bad moments and at least they have overcome their differences with discussions that have not reached the offenses.

You can’t go live with a man if you don’t know how he will react in bad times. Will he put up with you in your darkest days? For a couple to progress they have to be able to see and solve their problems. If they think they are not going to have difficulties they have not yet matured into a couple.

  • Do you like their habits of hygiene, order, responsibility and bad mood?

Many men find it difficult to be neat and tidy with their hygiene. Do you know him in that respect? For example, what do you think of his most frequent smell? How are his manners in social gatherings? If you are planning to move in with your boyfriend it is important that you get to know him in all areas of a couple’s life.

Many women don’t like the smell of their boyfriend very much, they only put up with it for a while. After all, he has other positive and valuable things like making you laugh and he is very detail-oriented. You can say that he loves you, but if there is something you don’t like very much, think about it.

  • Will you be okay if after a while he leaves you or tells you that he no longer loves you?

Realizing that you don’t love your partner or that there is someone else you love more often happens. It can happen to you. If your heart is going to break, don’t go live with that man. You still don’t love yourself enough to build a good relationship.

When a man breaks your heart it is not because of the bad thing he does, but because you have a low self-esteem. When your self-esteem is low you don’t have a good love to give or understand what “not loving” is. You don’t know about the sea, but you believe that your emotional dependence is love.

  • Does your boyfriend give you signs of security and confidence to go live with him?

Do you feel safe and confident to be yourself when you are by his side? To be happy and progress in your own way, it’s important that your partner supports you. Not getting in the way or limiting yourself is enough if he or she is not a fan of what you want to do with your life.

If you don’t feel confident to laugh, have an opinion, disagree with something when you are with him, he is not the right man. But it’s not that he should get over himself, it’s that you should. The signs of security and confidence to go live with a man must come from you. Overcoming yourself will cause you to find the right man.

  • Is this man right for you, do you think that with him you will be happy and will progress?

Your boyfriend doesn’t have to be the best man or be perfect for you to feel that you can be happy and successful with him. To go have an adventure or a lifetime with your boyfriend, you need to be sure that you both want to go the same way, but not necessarily doing the same things.

Observe how your boyfriend takes life, how he qualifies the people around him. Does he look more at the positive or negative? This habit will persist in the relationship and dominate when the passion subsides. It is not about being a good person with your partner, but what do you focus on more, the positive or negative?

In short, there are no perfect couples, everyone is under construction. But it is built when there is respect, tolerance, good humor and gratitude. Be careful that your boyfriend works to be happy before something material, because if you go to live with him, that will be the climate of your relationship.

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