How to seduce like no other

It’s a fact: the prettier a woman is, the more suitors she has. In fact, the prettiest women always have a good chance of already being in a couple or having many more choices than others. So if you want to have a chance with that coveted woman, you absolutely have to find a way to compete. And for that, there are not many recipes, you just have to learn how to stand out from the crowd. If you really want the nice lady to be interested in you and not in the other suitors, then there is only one solution, and that is to be different from the others.

A person who doesn’t look like other people, a person who is special and has a character that stands out is incredibly attractive than an ordinary person. They shine all around them because they are out of the ordinary. So it’s no surprise if that person generates more admiration. In fact, let’s be sincere, people who come out of the herd always amaze us more and more. We also have the impression that they have less trouble seducing. Of course, to achieve this result, you can’t expect a magic wand. You have to make some effort and adopt the right attitudes.

Put forward your insecurities

Don’t you want to be like all the men she meets? Stop focusing on your fears and insecurities. Everyone has things they are afraid of, maybe it’s a physical complex, a bad family situation or a traumatic experience related to the couple. The problem is that when a man has to seduce, he always tries to hide these little complexes. Unfortunately, the more you try to hide them, the more your fears become obvious to women. However, no woman appreciates men who feel uncomfortable and want to hide their anxieties at all costs.

You probably don’t know it, but the best solution to deal with this kind of situation is quite unusual. Indeed, instead of hiding yourself, you must put forward these insecurities that block you. But not just any way. Try to do it in a humorous way. Are you bald? Have you lost a lot of money lately? Joke about your weaknesses. By doing so, you not only relieve your stress, but you also adopt an attitude that is attractive to women. A man who knows how to laugh about his weaknesses is better than a man who is too stressed and can’t cope.

Be cool and calm

If your goal is to become a man, a real man, you must learn to play with your cool attitude. It is important to stay relaxed and calm in any situation. Better yet, you may even be indifferent to certain things. Don’t panic when you’re around a beautiful woman. On the contrary, it is important to act normally. Also, if she is intimidating enough for some people (perhaps she is a celebrity or a very powerful woman) you need to learn to always be comfortable.

There is no question of taking out your “ass-kissing” attitude in the face of your conquests. On the other hand, the man who makes women dream is the one who knows how to keep his cool when he has to compete with other men. Even if there are several suitors hovering around her, you should never go crazy. On the contrary, show her how little this kind of situation affects you. In short, be the man who knows how to remain Zen in all circumstances.

Let her be independent

Most men feel offended when their girlfriends decide to go out with friends or do things alone. Often, when she tells you she has gone shopping alone with her girlfriends during the day, the first reaction you get is jealousy or even suspicion. It’s true that this reaction may be normal for you, but for women, it’s not.

Over time, you will tend to want to control it. But the most mature attitude you should adopt in this situation is not jealousy. You need to let your other half live her life. You need to understand that even as a couple, she also needs time for herself. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t spend time with her. Here you must find fair independence. And despite the apprehensions, it’s very easy to find the right balance. The secret? Self-confidence.

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